Electrical Insulating Glove, 500v, 2.5kv Class 00

SKU: GEG294-9
Maxisafe electrical insulating gloves are designed exclusively for electricians working with live voltages up to 1kV or as additional protective measure for live working at voltages exceeding 1kV.

These insulating gloves are made from high quality natural latex which provides an elasticity and ergonomic shape to reduce hand fatigue. Each glove is individually numbered and electrically tested using computer controlled testing equipment and the test report is included with each pair.

Maxisafe Electrical gloves are category RC gloves according to EN 60903:2003 + AC2:2005 standard

The gloves have been tested against thermal influence of electric arc according to the requirements described in the standards:
  • 1/ PN-EN ISO 9001 : 2009
  • 2/ ASTM F2675/F2575M 13
Available in sizes 9 to 12
Length: 360mm