25mm Webbing Sling - 2 metres

Product Features
  • Maxisafe 25mm Webbing Sling meets the requirements of AS/NZS5532:2013 and has a rating of 22kN - recommended for 1 person
  • Use in accordance with user instructions
  • Suitable Anchorage for one person and tools - 22kN
  • High Tenacity Polyester webbing
  • Flexibility provides universal applications
  • Light Weight

  • Applications
  • Recommended working load 140kG. One (1) person (inc.tools)
  • Use in conjunction with compatible Shock Absorbing Lanyards and Inertia Reels connected to appropriate Structural Anchors

  • For working where Falls are possible
  • Roof Work as part of Roofers Kit
  • Scaffold Work
  • Construction Work
  • General Fall Arrest Systems where Anchorage requirements are self determined