15m Rope Line With Adjuster & Shock Asborber

ROPE LINES are temporary anchorage solutions to provide protection when ascending or working at height on a flat or sloping surface. These systems rely on the user generally to provide the adjustment to keep them at risk of minimal fall. Typically used in Roofers Kits to transfer the Anchor point from where it is attached to the structure to adjacent to the user ideally above him whilst climbing and at connection point to harness at worst when line is taut.

Product Features
  • 11mm Kernmantle Rope
  • Passivated Steel Lock off Adjuster
  • Non-detachable AS/NZS1891.1 2009 complaint shock absorber
  • Compliant Shock Absorber
  • Wear Sleeve
  • 18mm Screw Gate Karabiners meet industry standards
  • Platforms and roofs
  • Back-up line when using winches etc.
  • Rescue
  • Ladder work
  • Cherry picker